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Why Now is The Best Time to Sell Your Glasgow Property

Timing is everything when it comes to selling your property.

But there’s no better time than now to sell your property in Glasgow.

House prices are high and there’s so much demand from buyers that there isn’t enough supply to fulfil them.

So not only will you get a great price for your property, finding a buyer will be easy.

Below we’ve elaborated as to why now is the best time to sell your property in Glasgow.

The Housing Prices Are as High as They Ever Have Been

Over the past two years, property prices have consistently been increasing as a result of buyers continually searching for properties in large numbers.

According to the Scottish Sun, selling prices for properties are as high as they were before the 2008 crash, with many properties going between 20 and 30% above the home report valuation.

The recent reports also indicate that the number of property buyers increased by 12% in the last quarter of 2021 while the supply decreased.

This makes it the best time to get the most money from selling your property in the last decade.

You can almost guarantee that you’ll get a sale at a great price.

If you are interested in selling a tenanted property then we are the agency service to use.

We specialise in selling tenanted properties so know how to best market your property to find buying landlords.

When selling a tenanted property, you don’t want first time buyers as the process can take months to complete and can actually end up costing you more due to refurbishments and evictions.

With landlords, the process is simple. You can keep the property as is and get a sale agreed within a week.

All we need are a couple of seconds of your time to determine the potential value of your property.

Free Tenanted Property Valuation

More Buyers on The Market

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, people who lived in rented accommodation for the last couple of years are now eager to purchase a home.

Scottish home price inflation is more than in any region in England. This is primarily because there are so many more people looking to get more space and freedom with their own house.

Meaning a quick sale is likely and you could earn an even higher selling price for the property as a result of bidder competition.

Not only that but there’s also been a price hike for building work due to a short supply of most construction materials.

So it may be in your best interest to disregard renovating your property at all before selling it.

Meaning an even higher net gain for you!

And don’t worry about selling your tenanted property without refurbishment. This won’t dampen your chances of getting it sold.

Property investors will still happily buy your property in its current state and renovate it themselves.

They often have contacts in the industry which allow them to get cheaper rates so they may actually prefer to do so.

We deal with these types of investors every day so we can find you an appropriate buyer easily.

Just fill our form below and we will get a valuation done on your property.

The Scottish Government Has Introduced New Energy Efficiency Laws

Heating your property is responsible for a huge proportion of emissions experienced in Scotland.

Therefore, the Scottish Government has introduced new energy efficiency laws to make homes more energy-efficient.

Property owners will be required to make sure their homes meet specific levels of energy efficiency. The Scottish Government will also introduce legislation that will require the installation of zero-emissions heating systems.

According to the Scottish House Condition Survey 2019, more than half of houses in Scotland are in some disrepair to a critical state, such as roof coverings.

But only that, even more newly introduced legislation involves installing new fire alarms to avoid affecting the current insurance policy.

The Code of Conduct for Property Factors has also been revised which allows factors to outsource some maintenance work when it comes to fire safety to specialist contractors.

It costs a lot of money to improve the energy rating of your property and install fire alarms so by selling now you’ll save yourself all of this bother and hassle.

If you don’t want to stress yourself about this extra financial burden then we’ll be able to find buyers that are happy to take this on.

Our specialist estate agent services deal with property investors who can purchase as-it-is.

This means the property investor will be responsible for installing energy efficient-heating systems and fire alarms after completing the purchase.

A Housing Crash May be Near

Property prices have been rising consistently over the last 14 years, and we have not seen a drop in the market since 2008. This indicates that a recession is near.

Experts predict that if this does not happen this year, it will in the next 2-3 which would sink the valuation of your property and the return on investment.

Household finances will become increasingly stretched as well and the rise in inflation makes cheap mortgage deals harder to find.

Meaning there will be fewer people buying properties giving you an even lower chance of making a sale.

You don’t want a recession to strike before you take advantage of this booming situation and lose out.

We have a long list of property investors ready to buy your house now.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Let us help you now by finding you a buyer.


It’s never been a better time to sell your property than now.

Property prices are now as high as they even have been and there are more buyers on the market than ever before.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity before the crash happens, you won’t forgive yourself.

If you want to sell your property, use our free valuation tool below to get an offer on your tenanted property.

We can also help you sell your property to the right investors who are ready to pay a greater price than you may have expected.

Free Tenanted Property Valuation


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Why Now is The Best Time to Sell Your Glasgow Property

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