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Achieve a truly passive return from your property investments by getting your portfolio fully managed by us. Let us tenant, manage and improve the value of your property whilst we maximise your monthly cashflow.

    The biggest mistake landlords make is not using a letting agent.

    Placing the correct tenants in your investment property from the start and keeping good relationships with your tenants is the key to achieving long term positive cashflow on your portfolio.

    If the wrong tenant is in your property it can lead to many nightmares such as rental void periods, complaints about the property and turn your property into a headache.

    Our number one priority is to give you your time back by ensuring that the property is setup correctly from the start and take all of the day-to-day management of the property off your hands, so that you can focus on investing in more without ever needing to think about the day-to-day running of them.

    Get A Free Instant Rental Valuation

    Achieve the maximum rental returns on your property portfolio with a free rental valuation.

      We’ve made pricing transparent and easy.

      (choose between 2 simple options with no hidden fees)

      You can choose between our Tenant Find Only Service and our Full Management Service. Our Full Management Service includes everything you need to run a fully compliant, long term tenancy with a focus on ensuring that you spend minimal time managing your portfolio.

      Tenant Find Only Service – £350 + VAT

      Leave the key with us and we’ll find you a rockstar tenant. You can also combine this package with our Full Management Service and get additional bonuses included in your package.


      • Everything you need to get a quality long term tenant placed quickly in your rental property
      • Initial visit to property to prepare Professional Marketing Material.
      • Listing the property on online advertising platforms for maximum reach.
      • In person viewings for tenants with vetting from a fully qualified and experienced property letting agent.
      • Full detailed tenant referencing including employment referencing, salary checking, landlord referencing, credit checks, identification verification, current residential checks, check for previous eviction checks and the list goes on to ensure that you get the perfect tenant.
      • Setup of all legal tenancy agreements including additional clauses for landlord protection.
      Note. If you already have a tenant in place, we will waive the fee Tenant Find Service Fee if you wish to opt for the Full Management Service!

      Full Management Service – 10% + VAT on rent paid (£50 minimum)

      Unlike other letting agents who charge multiple nasty hidden fees, we include everything you need within our management fees to ensure that you can sit back and relax and not pay any extra hidden costs. Only pay us when you get paid!


      • Handling of all maintenance requests from tenants (never deal with any annoying tenant messages!). 
      • Collection of rent and follow ups to ensure that rent is paid on time to avoid any rent arrears.
      • Access to our network of local high qualified and reliable contractors that can carry out maintenance on your property at preferred pricing rates due to the level of business that we pass them. 
      • Property inspections are fully included within the management (many other letting agents will charge you hefty additional fees for this).
      • Ongoing monthly Compliance Audit to ensure that certification is fully valid and up to date which meets current legislation that is often subject to change. 
      • Access to our Custom Landlord Portal which gives you access to monthly statements and invoices for tax purposes. Includes access to all relevant documentation to your tenancy if needed (inventory, tenancy agreements and certification for compliance purposes). 
      • BONUS: Many letting agents will charge you exuberant fees if your tenant ever leaves. We will carry out a fully tenant checkout service including photography and a full inventory report and provide you with all of the information from a qualified letting agent and even assist you with getting it ready for your next tenant with a minimum void period.


      Additional Features if you combine this package with our Tenant Find Only Service (mentioned above):

      • Everything included in the Tenant Find Only Service PLUS the following…
      • Free Maintenance Checkup Report to ensure there are no initial issues with the property.
      • Includes Free Full Property Inventory with Photographic Evidence to ensure you are fully covered for any deposit disputes.
      • Free Property Compliance Risk Assessment (avoid the risk of being fined up to £50,000 if your property is not compliant).
      • Included Introductory Meeting with Tenant & Full Property Handover to ensure your tenant feels comfortable
      • Notification of tenancy changeover (save as much as 3 hours on the phone to gas and electricity providers to make changes!)
      • Deposit Lodging and registration through Government deposit scheme.

      Get A Free Instant Rental Valuation

      Achieve the maximum rental returns on your property portfolio with a free rental valuation.

        Why our Single Point of Contact makes you money and saves you time

        The biggest complaint that most landlords have with letting agents is that they are passed around to multiple members of staff to get anything done.

        Most letting agents are not efficient and you end up having to deal with multiple different types of people just to get something simple sorted. Through a bad letting agent you might end up dealing with…
        ❌ Maintenance Teams
        ❌ External Teams
        ❌ Accounts Teams
        ❌ Multiple Property Managers

        When you sign with Let Property Management we do all of these with a single point of contact. You’ll be assigned a personal account manager meaning that there isn’t a loss of communication with you or your tenant at any point of the process and it means that you don’t need to report to multiple people, saving you time and making you more money.

        We want you to get your time back so that you can focus on building your portfolio.

        At Let Property, we strive on repeat business. Our sales and lettings side have a strong symbiotic relationship and our goal is to provide our landlords with the most hands off and high cashflow experience, so that they go on to invest in more properties with us.

        If we can make your investment journey easier, we know that you’ll want to invest in more properties which allows us to build a long term relationship with you – but most importantly it allows you to grow your monthly cashflow whilst you sit back and enjoy a cocktail!

        Meet Sarah Carell

        Head of Lettings at Let Property

        15 years experience in residential lettings. Fully qualified Chartered Institute of Housing agent. Well versed in all aspects and situations relating to residential property lettings. A Message from Sarah – “Our team manages hundreds of properties across the central belt of Scotland so you’re in no better place to get a bespoke, personal and high quality experience which keeps you on the right path as a landlord.“

        Get A Free Instant Rental Valuation

        Achieve the maximum rental returns on your property portfolio with a free rental valuation.

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