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We provide very generous commissions to anyone that passes us a referral that turns into a property that sells or becomes part of our lettings & management service.

How our Referral Program Works

We maintain strong relationships with a wide range of referral partners across the UK.

We work with people such as:

  • Letting Agents that don’t provide sales services and want the possibility of retaining the letting contracts.
  • Estate Agents that don’t specialise in tenanted property sales or have a lettings agency.
  • Property Deal Sourcers that can’t sell deals or don’t have a lettings agency.
  • Everyday landlords that network with other investors and are looking for either sales or lettings solutions.

Let Property Sales Commissions

If you provide us with the details for a client that is looking to sell and we successfully complete a deal then you will receive the following:

£500 minimum or 1/3 of whatever we receive at completion

We cover all of the up front costs and take on the risk of marketing the seller’s property and you receive a very handsome hands off commission when the sale completes.

We earn anywhere from £2,000 to £10,000 per property allowing some referrers to earn commissions as high as £3,000!

Let Property Management Commissions

If you provide us with the details of a landlord and they sign up for our lettings and management service then you will get paid a commission after they have been setup as a client:

We pay £150 for a property already with a sitting tenant and £250 for a property without a sitting tenant

We take initial losses on the management service to get referrals from you.

And the great thing is… you get commission on every property that the landlord refers to us! Our average landlord has 4 properties so you could receive more than £1,000 in commissions from 1 single referral!

Earn consistent ongoing commissions on your referrals.

General Information

When a referral is made we log this in our CRM and we will assign that client to you so that you can stay updated with how much the client has generated you as a referrer and you can see how much you are owed.

Important Rules:

  • You cannot use the referral program if you are looking to sell or rent your own property or a family member’s property.
  • We only pay commissions when we have been paid in full from a completed deal on one of your referrals if you are selling it.
  • We pay letting management commissions on 60 day terms after the client has signed and has gone through the entire setup process.
  • We don’t pay commissions for clients that are already inside our CRM and we reserve the right to decline commissions on a referral.

Let Property reserves the rights to restrict referral commissions based on a breach of conditions.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our referral program then please reach out using our contact form below if you have any questions about it.

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All offers are submitted to the seller for approval. On acceptance of your offer you will be required to instruct a solicitor for Legal Acceptance of your offer. A fully refundable buyers premium may apply to secure a property. This amount is not an additional cost and is refunded in the event of non completion. Terms and payment details will be provided upon verbal acceptance of your offer.

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