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How We Get a Tenanted Property Sold 7x Faster Than an Estate Agent

If you’ve decided to sell your tenanted property then there is a good chance that you are facing a lot of challenges.

All of which are likely caused by using a regular estate agent.

These agents aren’t suited to selling tenanted property as they usually sell properties to first-time buyers rather than investors.

This means they will use the wrong marketing tactics to sell your property which leads to it sitting unsold for months on end.

Instead you must sell the tenanted property directly to property investors off-market (this is the Secret!).

Selling your tenanted property to an investor is easier and more effective which means a deal can be struck in a much quicker timescale.

Here are some of the main reasons why selling your tenanted property to property investors directly is much quicker than using a regular estate agent.

Selling on The Market Can Take Months of Time

Selling your tenanted property on the open market can take months of time and effort.

One of the contributing factors is the choice of an estate agent. Some agents just aren’t suited for selling tenanted properties so their tactics aren’t appropriate.

Most of them put the tenanted property on the market without actively marketing it to potential buyers. All they do is hope that first-time buyers will see it and want to buy.

Which is not an effective way of selling at all.

Now, while it can result in many potential buyers which could lead to a higher selling price, it will also elongate the selling process.

The agent will now have to sieve through these many prospective buyers, leading to back and forth communications, answering loads of questions about the property and doing loads of viewings.

This can add months to the selling process and is made even worse if there’s a bidding war.

On the other hand, when you decide to contact investors directly off-the-market, you have more control over the selling process.

And with more control, you can work effectively and get it done as soon as you want.

Now, if you don’t have the time to do this work or the investor contacts then you should consider using a specialist landlord estate agent service.

They will specialize in selling tenanted property and will only use investor appropriate marketing tactics to get the property sold quickly – i.e. putting in the work to contact investors directly.

This is what Let Property Sales can offer you.

We have a list of over 2,000 investors hungry for deals so we will be able to get your property sold much faster than regular estate agents.

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Investors Want Quick Sales Just as Much as You do

Active property investors are always trying to expand their portfolios so they want to buy properties as soon as possible to generate income straight away.

However it’s common that they struggle to find properties they can invest in, so when one comes around they’re quick to jump on it.

This is also why they purchase with cash – to speed up the process as much as possible.

An estate agent usually gets paid the same flat rate regardless of how quickly they sell the property.

Therefore, they are not motivated to speed up the transaction and don’t care how long it takes.

All they care about is eventually getting their flat rate payment.

Instead, investors will actually hassle you to sell your property to them because they want it so badly.

This could be annoying but it’s the way to go if you need a quick sale.

While we can offer a flat rate payment system, we work on sales commission as well so we benefit from getting sales done as quickly and as frequently as possible – just like you.

Not only that but we also offer a no-fee selling structure, meaning we only get paid after the sale.

With both of these conditions in place, we’re just as motivated as you to get your property sold.

Investors Don’t Care About The State of the Property

Many experienced landlords are more interested in the financials of your property rather than how it looks – unlike first time buyers.

They also can have contacts in the industry that they use to refurbish their properties.

This means they won’t have a problem refurbishing your property themselves once the transaction has gone through.

In fact, by handling this themselves they can usually increase the ROI they receive by remortgaging it.

Regardless of this, though, if the financials of the property look good to an investor and it’s already tenanted, they won’t worry about its condition provided there is a profit each month.

The property is sold as-is, so you don’t have to worry about doing some repairs before closing the deal.

Estate agents instead will get you to refurbish the entire property to help make it look better on the market.

This slows down the sales process and will reduce the net amount you make.

Our goal is to help you maximize your profit and sell your tenanted property on an accelerated schedule.

And you don’t have to host viewings for several buyers to visit your property to find out whether or not they are interested in it.

We market your property to investors who are interested in tenanted properties and don’t worry about its condition.

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An Investor Does Not Want Your Tenant Evicted

Property investors prefer to buy a property that already has a tenant.

Tenants are of high value to investors because they are guaranteed income for the foreseeable future.

This means that the tenant can stay in place while the property is sold to become the tenant of the new property owner.

This can actually make the property a more viable option to the investor.

Property investors know that they can incur various expenses to find a new tenant so it can be a huge hassle for them to find one.

Therefore, selling your property to investors will prevent you from the stressful, expensive, and time-consuming process of evicting a tenant.

On the other hand, if you were to go with an estate agent, they’ll want to put your property on the market without the tenant as it suits their target demographic.

Estate agents want to attract first-time homebuyers that want to live in the property so it makes sense for them to want to evict tenants.

This makes viewings easier to carry out and makes the property look like a better proposition for the buyer.

We have been selling tenanted properties for years without evicting tenants.

After all, the investors we work with prefer tenanted properties with reliable sitting tenants so we’ve tailored our service to suit them.

Because of this, it’s easy for us to find you a buyer.

Final Thoughts

Selling your tenanted property on an open market can take longer than you think.

This is why you should always use a specialist estate agent to help you sell it to property investors.

Investors want to make quick sales and don’t worry about the condition of your property or the fact that there’s a tenant in situ.

Speeding up the sales process significantly.

It’s never been a better time to sell your tenanted property and with our services, you only pay a service charge once the sale goes through.

Take advantage and use our free valuation tool below to get an offer within 7 days on your tenanted property.


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How We Get a Tenanted Property Sold 7x Faster Than an Estate Agent

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