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FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

    How Our Unique Service Can Sell Your Tenanted Property In 7 Days

    Our Property Allocation Network streamlines the process to secure the best offers for your property.

    By directly connecting investors’ specific requirements with sellers’ preferences, we facilitate a precise match.

    This targeted approach significantly reduces time spent searching, ensuring high grade quality offers brought directly to you ensuring you don’t have to lift a finger.

    This means you can sell your property quickly, without the hassle of eviction, meaning you can receive cashflow up until the point of sale.

    Hands-Off Process, We Do All The Work

    The growth and functionality of our Property Allocation Network (PAN) stems from our database now reaching over 15,000 active investors. 

    This vast number of eager buyers, combined with our patented machine learning model, means we can swiftly match your tenanted property with the right investor by matching their pre-set criteria with your property.

    This allows us to sell your property in as little as 7 days because we have buyers sitting waiting for their next investment.

    The cutting-edge technology expertly eliminates time-wasters, ensuring every interaction that we make on your behalf is with a serious buyer. 

    This streamlined approach accelerates the sale process, benefiting you by focusing solely on genuine, high-quality offers.

    PAN transforms selling your tenanted property in 7 days from a far-fetched dream into a solid reality. 

    Step One – Complete The Instant Property Valuation Above
    Step Two – We Expose Your Property To Over 15,000 Investors
    Step Three – Accept The Offer You Are Happy With
    Step Four – Receive Rental Income Right Up Until You Receive Your Cash.

    *Only for eligible tenanted properties

    Free Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

      Over 10,000 Tenanted Property Sold In The Last 12 Months

      Joining the Property Allocation Network is FREE, But Missing Out On It Could Cost You Everything

      Many owners of tenanted properties seek to try Let Property as their chosen initial partner when selling their tenanted property.

      This means they don’t need to go through the gut wrenching process of working with a standard estate agency service off the bat.

      By not listing your property on the Property Allocation Network, you’re also missing out on the chance to showcase it to a vast, dedicated audience of investors that no estate agent can match. 

      This means potentially overlooking the perfect investor who can meet your demands for your tenanted property and pay market value and above for your property.

      Additionally, your tenanted property gets listed on Rightmove and Zoopla, Providing the same reach as even a standard estate agent would provide.

      You will receive this reach alongside access to the Allocation Network which has shown a record 96.4% success rate of all approved tenanted properties on our network..

      FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

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        The Myth: You Get Less When You Sell With A Sitting Tenants

        Investors are on the search for properties that offer swift returns on investment, and properties already earning rental income are at the top of their list. 

        Here’s why:

        Tenanted properties with a proven rental history are incredibly appealing, offering investors peace of mind and a clear expectation of their investment’s performance.

        This contrasts sharply with the uncertainty associated with buying vacant properties, where the reliability and quality of future tenants remain unknown.

        A recent internal study, found that properties with living tenants for over six months showed 30% more investor attention and achieved sale prices up to 15% above the market average, highlighting their appeal as secure investments with promising returns.

        We ONLY Specialise In Tenanted Property Sales

        Jack of all trades, master of none. Unlike general estate agents who juggle various types of property sales, our dedication lies solely with tenanted properties. 

        This unique focus ensures that every ounce of our expertise is channelled into securing the best possible returns for your property. 

        Maintaining harmony and continuity for tenants and peace of mind for new owners is an area we pride ourselves on executing flawlessly.

        The Property Allocation Network (PAN), is meticulously designed with tenanted properties in mind.

        FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

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          The Buyer Covers All the Fees, Meaning It Costs Nothing To Sell Your Tenanted Property

          Our Property Allocation Network (PAN) benefits everyone involved.

          For buyers, PAN ensures we align properties to their specific needs, considering location, budget, and timing, streamlining the purchasing process to be as straightforward and fitting as possible.

          We proudly offer our services to sellers without charging any fees, because the buyer covers these costs.

          This arrangement is possible because of the exceptional service we provide, ensuring that every transaction is seamless and efficient.

          Why Now Is The Best Time To Utilise PAN

          The real frustration for many landlords is the constant effort from the UK government to continually fight against the ownership of buy-to-let properties.

          This has been made clear from recent Section 24 tax changes which stop landlords from expensing day-to-day payments on their properties against the income!

          With parliamentary talks this year of rental caps, eviction bans and rent freezes it’s giving landlords less and less confidence in the ownership of rental properties due to the control that they will lose over their property.

          With all this combined, it’s getting harder and harder in the current climate to run a successful buy to let property business.

          All of this whilst factoring in increased interest rates makes it nearly impossible for some landlords to see profit from a rental property portfolio in 2024.

          By utilising PAN, landlords can secure profitable exits or expand their portfolios with confidence, making now the perfect time to engage with this powerful platform.

          FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

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            All offers are submitted to the seller for approval. On acceptance of your offer you will be required to instruct a solicitor for Legal Acceptance of your offer. A fully refundable buyers premium may apply to secure a property. This amount is not an additional cost and is refunded in the event of non completion. Terms and payment details will be provided upon verbal acceptance of your offer.