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Landlords are taking advantage of a new tenanted property sales service that has taken the UK property market by storm.

FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

    The newly found “Buy To Let Property Brokerage” can sell tenanted properties

    Gone are the days of going through the gut wrenching process of evicting your tenant or selling through an estate agent.


    Landlords can sell a tenanted property directly to another investor, at one of the best times in history, and receive cashflow on the property right up until the property is sold.


    This new and innovative sales approach allows all parties to win:


    • The landlord selling the property gets to sell property quickly, and for a high price, without having to comply with lengthy and tedious eviction legislation which is becoming harder and harder to navigate.

    • The buyer (investor) gets to purchase a property that produces cashflow from day one without any need to carry out a refurbishment as the property is already happily tenanted.

    • And the tenant gets to continue living in the property that they call home.


    Over 1289 tenancies have been saved from selling tenanted properties by Let Property since 2022.


    This backed solution of “Estate Agency for Landlords” is allowing sellers to sell their tenanted property quickly whilst allowing them to achieve more money than they would have got through an estate agent.


    Let Property also uses a proprietary new sales tool called the “Let Property Pack” which packages your property up as an “investment” and sells it more effectively.


    This information pack includes everything that an investor needs to know about before making offers on your property.


    The pack is then sent to over 15,000 investors looking to buy property in your local area.


    From the interest generated from this approach, it means that you can achieve a higher sale price for your property because the value of it has been properly represented to any potential investors looking to buy.

    FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

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      Why Landlords are sitting on the "perfect tide" to sell a tenanted property

      If you’ve been on Rightmove recently you’ll see tenanted properties being advertised for sale.

      Many of these properties have been listed by Let Property who is now officially the largest investment property broker within the UK holding a 62% tenanted property market share in the UK.

      If you visit the Let Property website you’ll see an extensive list of hundreds of properties always actively available for sale and these are just the listings that are place on the market.

      The Myth: You get less when you sell with a sitting tenant


      It’s important to remember that when you sell the property tenanted, you’re not selling to a residential buyer who wants to live in the property!


      Investors are much less fussy about the small details of your property meaning the sales process is often a lot simpler and smoother.


      Investors are looking purely at the long term returns that the property produces.


      An investors frame of mind is to continue renting the property to the tenant, not to live in it.


      And when you sell the property tenanted, you can receive cashflow up until the property completes.


      If your property is positioned correctly, and as a great investment opportunity, then you’ll be able to build up a lot of competition for your property and sell it in as little as 7 days.


      Many investors even achieve over market value when the property is positioned correctly!

      The UK Government is Clamping Down on Landlords


      The real frustration for many landlords is the constant effort from the UK government to continually fight against the ownership of buy to let properties.


      This has been made clear from recent Section 24 tax changes which stops landlords from expensing day-to-day payments on their properties against the income!


      With parliamentary talks this year of rental caps, eviction bans and rent freezes it’s giving landlords less and less confidence in the ownership of rental properties due to the control that they will lose over their property.


      With all this combined, it’s getting harder and harder in the current climate to run a successful buy to let property business.


      All of this whilst factoring in increased interest rates makes it nearly impossible for some landlords to see profit from a rental property portfolio in 2024.

      FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

      Simply enter your properties postcode below


        Why is now the best time to sell


        Today is one of the best opportunities in decades to sell due to an influx of oversees buyers looking to purchase tenanted properties just like yours.


        Landlords can take advantage of high demand from these investors who are looking to invest on eligible tenanted properties.


        You can sell your tenanted property with absolutely no fees in as little as 7 days for full market value (and often above).


        There are no fees because the buyer who purchases your property pays all of them for Let Property to bring the properties like yours to them.


        That means you can advertise your property for FREE today to a network of 15,000 buyers which is the largest tenanted property buyers database in the UK.


        Let Property will cover all of the upfront costs including your Let Property Pack sales pack, photography and 3D rendered walk rounds at no expense to you.


        You will receive rental income on your property right up until the point of completion as you don’t need to evict your tenant when selling it to another investor.


        How does Let Property's Free Service Work?


        Selling a tenanted property doesn’t involve the same “tedious process” that you will experience through a standard estate agent.


        You can sell a tenanted property in 4 easy steps:


        Step 1 – Request a Instant Online Valuation on this page

        Simply enter the postcode of your tenanted property and click “Get Instant Valuation” on this page to find out what your tenanted property is worth through a specialist valuation pack which will show you comparable tenanted property sales in your area.


        Step 2 – Advertise to our 15,000 Investor network for FREE

        You set a price that you are happy to accept, then provide us with only 1 hour of access to the property so that we can prepare all marketing materials on your behalf with your custom “Let Property Pack” which we will send to our 15,000 investor network.


        Step 3 – We bring you offers 

        Within days Let Property will bring you offers on your property which you can choose to accept or decline.


        Step 4 – You get it sold and the buyer pays all the fees

        Once you accept an offer that you are happy with, your property will go through legal completion and you’ll receive rental income right up until your receive your cash.

        FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

        Simply enter your properties postcode below


          How the “Let Property Pack” Is The Key To Selling A Buy To Let Property

          We introduced the Let Property Pack which works to sell your tenanted property directly to another investor.

          Because we specialise in tenanted properties across the UK, we create a custom PDF Document which showcases your buy to let property in the best light.

          We then send your property to our list of 15,000 active property investors along with your individual Let Property Pack. When you go to market your property, it’s important to do it right the first time and that’s why listing with Let Property is the preferred choice for most landlords in the UK.

          By targeting investors directly, we can get you a sale in as little as 7 days for full market value without ever needing to evict your tenant.

          Get started by filling out our 30 second instant valuation form below. Simply enter your properties postcode and click “Get Instant Valuation”

          We showcase your properties best features in a detailed investment pack

          We showcase your properties best features including the current returns & potential returns on a detailed investment pack for all prospective buyers.

          This makes a purchasing decision easier for an investor because they don’t need to spend as much time carrying out due diligence before purchasing your property.

          We are experts at showing your property in the “best light” as compared to other properties readily available to investors on the market.

          We provide buyers with a detailed financial breakdown of your property

          Potential buyers want to know the specific investment figures and returns behind your buy to let property.

          We create a detailed financial breakdown of the costs of purchasing your property with various financing scenarios.

          Our expert sales team understand the “language of investors” and we can sell your property as a lucrative investment opportunity.

          Investors prefer buying through Let Property because they can get access advice and a range of services under one roof.

          That’s because we can provide buyers with financing solutions and management services which makes it easier for them to buy your property.

          This allows us to boast a record high success rate of over 93% on our Tenanted Property Sales.

          We Show Your Property To Over 15,000 Investors

          We are an experts at creating a “flurry of interest” around your buy to let property after you decide to list with us.

          That’s because we have the largest investor list in all of Scotland boasting over 15,000 investors around the world.

          Along with this, we’ll market your property in all of the same portals that a standard Estate Agent will do including Rightmove & Zoopla too.

          This provides your property with the maximum possible reach and it allows us to attract the best possible buyer on your behalf.

          You simply list your property with us, and we bring you red hot offers within a matter of days.

          This hybrid selling approach allows Let Property to get your property sold quicker and for a higher value than other solutions available on the market.

          Get started by filling out our 30 second instant valuation form below. Simply enter your properties postcode and click “Get Instant Valuation”.


          FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

          Simply enter your properties postcode below


            It costs nothing to sell through Let Property.

            Because we sell tenanted properties, the buyer pays us fees to purchase your property. 

            We cover the upfront costs to market your property:

            • Advertising your property to our 15,000 investor list and/or through online selling platforms
            • Professional Photography and 3D walkthroughs to advertise it in the best light
            • Dealing with and following up with enquiries on your behalf
            • Negotiating with buyers using our experienced negotiators
            • Bringing you red hot offers on your property 

            If we don’t sell your property within the timeframe that we agree then you are under no legal obligation to continue working with Let Property.

            We don’t tie you down and there’s no strings attached or any hidden costs to our service.

            Sell In Secrecy If You Don’t Want Your Tenant To Know You’re Selling

            The great thing about dealing with a specialist service like Let Property is that tenants are happy when you sell the property.

            That’s because you’re selling the property directly to another investor and the tenant gets to remain in place.

            We won’t let the tenant know that you are selling unless you tell us to.

            And we can carry out a full tenant confidential valuation service for you.

            Looking to offload a Property Portfolio? No problem.

            Whether you’re a landlord with one property that you’re looking to sell or you have 15, we can offer you advice on how to best sell those properties.

            Due to the fact that Let Property has spent years working with thousands of investors around the world that buy investment property, we’ll know exactly how to move on your portfolio.

            We have different strategies and sources that we can use in order to sell property portfolios, to learn more just enquire with one of your properties using the Instant Valuation form and mention to one of our Property Specialists that you have a portfolio to sell.

            Get started by filling out our 30 second instant valuation form below. Simply enter your properties postcode and click “Get Instant Valuation”.

            FREE Instant Tenanted Property Valuation

            Simply enter your properties postcode below


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