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How will we Sell Your Property for its Maximum Sale Value? ​

By Callum Noon - Head of Sales

Key Benefits to Selling with Let Property

We are incentivised to get you a high sale price

We work on a percentage basis meaning the more money we get you, the more money we get. The full teams incentivised to get you as best a return on your property as possible.

No Selling Fees

The best thing about selling an investment property is you don’t have to pay any fees, its actually the buyer who pays the fees

If you have bought an investment property before you will understand that you usually have to pay a small premium (sourcing fee) in order to secure the property.

So it makes things nice and simple as the other we give you is the offer you get.

Not Obligated to take any of the offers we bring you

You are not legally obligated under our contract to accept any of the offers that we bring you.

We Will Cover All Of Your Upfront Costs

Including the following:

  • Expert Professional Photography
  • Floor Plans 
  • 3D Rendered Walk Rounds
  • Creation of your unique “Let Property Pack” (sent to all interested parties)
  • Listing on all major marketing portals including Rightmove & Zoopla
  • Sent to our growing investor list of over 15,000 investors
  • Social Media Marketing for targeted advertising on your property
  • Active sales team calling out buyers on your behalf
  • Following up with all enquiries using our industry leading systems
  • Handling all property viewings on your behalf
  • Negotiating all offers through our highly experienced negotiation team
  • Access to a Free Completions Consultant once you have accepted an offer

No Sale No Fee

Because we are so confident in getting a property sale that you are happy with we we actually offer a no sale no fee service meaning if we don’t get a sale your happy with then you don’t need to pay us anything!

Experts in Marketing

The exact same team here at Let Property had previously sold a marketing company for a couple of million pounds and are now using our skills and expertise to sell property. 

One of the main reasons why we’re so successful is because well there is basically no other company in the UK that’s doing things the same way we are

We have found that property tends to be an older stale industry and no one is using these new digital marketing strategies that we have to sell property. A lot of companies tent to just stick it on right more and hope for the best.


Who are we?

So for the people that haven’t heard of Let Property, we are the largest Property Investment Company in Scotland at the moment.

We are a landlord to landlord estate agency which specialises in speaking the investor language.


What do we do differently?

So if you’re thinking about selling your property but you don’t want to go through the hassle of evicting your tenant and you just want a quick, easy property sale at a great price then this could be for you…

So just think about it for a second, say you have a tenanted property

  • If you were to sell your property normally Its going to typically take you 3 – 6 months to evict a tenant saying all things go well
  • Then you have to put it on the open market where it could potentially sit for months while you lose money on rental income, council tax & everything else
  • And say an investor comes along and want to buy it
  • It would make much more sense if you just sold it with a sitting tenant in the first place
  • The tenants are happy as they get to stay in their home
  • The investors happy as they get instant cash flow from a good tenant and don’t need to worry about putting a new tenant in that could potentially cause loads of issues
  • Plus you get to sell it straight away for a brilliant sale price without hassle or risk
  • so Everyone’s happy!


Selling Options

We have 2 main selling options depending on your needs…

The first option is ‘Off market’ this is If you are looking for a quick sale straight to another Investor with as little hassle as possible – Now with this option because you don’t usually have to get a HR or do viewings then investors would be looking for a slight discount in order to minimise the potential risk that they are taking on.

  • I recommend that unless your property is slightly tired then to get a HR as they’re only £300 – £500 and it will give buyers a lot more confidence in purchasing your property.

So an upfront £500, could potentially add a couple of thousand on your sale price.

The second is our most popular option which is ‘On market’ – This is our most effective way of selling property as we basically market your property everywhere…

We get it on Right Move, Zoopla, send it out to 15,000 investors, use social media Marketing and have an active sales team that will call out investors in order to get your property sold.

The more interest we get means more offers and more offers means a better sale price.

This might take slightly longer than off market however you will get you a better price in the end.

So for this option the Tenant will need to know that your selling as we will need to get a home report and also photography done.

Also Investors might want to come in and view the property before buying.


How do we value your property?

We are not a quick sale company, it is actually quite the opposite. All of our agents are incentivised to get the properties sold for its maximum sale value.

We are not the type of company that’s going come out and give you a silly low ball offer on your property, that’s not how you build a successful company long-term. It’s actually the opposite, it’s in our best interest to get you as high a sale price as possible as that will mean we get more as well. So we work like a partnership with our clients.

However we are also not the type of company that’s going to give you a really high figure in order to just get you as a client.

Instead I would rather just be as realistic as possible so you understand exactly what you’re going to get.

So what I put in my valuation is a price I know we can get you, I don’t want you to have any false expectations on what you could potentially achieve which would end up wasting both our and your time.

  • So the best way to find out what your property will sell for is to see what similar properties have sold for in your area
  • So just the same way as a chartered survey would – we go on the back end of our data base and simply just look at all the properties that have sold in the last year
  • We then build a custom comparable report of all these similar properties that have sold and send them across to you – using different metrics and also years of experience in selling property in Scotland
  • The truth is you never actually know what a property will sell for (unfortunately I don’t have a crystal ball)
  • So like anything something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it… All we can do as your agency is Market this property as best as we possibly can to get as much as possible
  • At the end of the day the Market will decide what your property is worth



Now what I recommend is that you let us conduct your home report for you

We have a really good relationship with our the surveyors and we can use our influence to get the best price possible on the home report in order to maximise your sale value.

The higher the home report price then the higher the sale price.

We don’t make any money on the home reports and just use Shepard’s as they are industry standard and are good for getting mortgages approved.

You will have to cover the costs of a home report if you choose to list the property on the open market.

A typical home report costs between £350 – £500.


What costs will you need to cover in order to market your property

All you need to do is pay for a home report (Home reports typically cost between £350 – £500) and we will cover everything else in order to sell your property. Once your property is sold you will have to pay your own legal fees which are usually £1,000 typically.

So all in you are looking at £1500 to sell your property.


What else do we need from you? 

Nothing, this is a completely hands off service, So we will handle absolutely everything for you All we need from you is to have your phone at the ready for when we call you with offers.

All we ask for is 8 weeks Exclusivity

We will do everything for you including covering all of your marketing costs upfront in order to bring you in red hot offers. All we ask in return is 8 weeks exclusivity on the property meaning that you can't sell it with someone else while we are actively working on it (This is never an issue as you can only have 1 estate agent anyway).


There are more Investors now than there ever has been, we have sold hundreds of Scottish tenanted properties. 25% of properties last year were bought by investors so the market is absolutely huge and there are plenty of people that are looking to buy tenanted property & Scotland actually has one of the best property yield returns in the UK and it is a growing market. Meaning it’s not just people in the UK that are looking to invest in Scotland, We have cash ready buyers in Hong Kong, south Africa, London & Canada, that will take anything with a decent return.

So instead of selling your property as a home we sell it as an investment which I personally find makes it easier to sell in most cases. Investors first of all have more money than a typical residential buyer and less emotional attachment to buying. They are more likely to go off the numbers and statistics rather than aesthetics as they just need somewhere to put their money to get a return. Tenanted properties with good tenants that are already paying rent is an ideal option for this type of Investor. A property with a tenant in place is a much safer option as they don’t need to worry about a nightmare tenants

So we cannot guarantee that the new landlord will not increase the rent as legally speaking they do have the right to do so after purchasing the property however in most cases investors are buying the property as seen and they can usually only increase rents once a year if they choose to do so.

Don’t worry we do this day in and day out & know exactly how to sell tenanted property.

We make sure that this is as hassle free as possible for the tenant.

  • For example we are really good at qualifying buyers to make sure we don’t have unmotivated investors wandering through your property
  • We also use matter port so investors can view the property online, meaning they might potentially not even need to come to the property.

All these small techniques make it a smooth and hassle free transition for the tenant, it’s as simple as changing a light bulb.

We also make a lot of our money from reoccurring customers as you know most landlords have more than 1 property & Over 90% of our clients come back to use us for other services such as property management, due-diligence services & refurbishment management.

Legally speaking you are absolutely within your rights to sell a property tenanted. Tenants are only going to get more rights which is making it harder and harder to sell a property if you’re a landlord so what we have built is a service that makes it really easy and keeps everyone happy.

It depends on a couple of different factors including size, value distance ect…

It is usually going to be between £350 – £500.

Our Results speak for themselves...

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What's the nexts steps if you want to go ahead?

We look to get your property processed as quickly as possible
(This usually takes 1 -2 weeks depending on the logistics)

  • Step 1 - Home Report & Photography

    We always try and organise the home report and photography for the same day in order to cause as little friction for the tenant as possible.

  • Step 2 - Market your property to 15,000 investors

    After we have your photography, video and home report back. We can then build your unique investment pack and market your property to over 15,000 investor including all online channels including Rightmove, Zoopla ect…

  • Step 3 - We Bring You Offers

    Once your property has been marketed online our sales team will actively phone and take offers from our investors back to you. All you need to have is your phone at the ready to receive these offers and YOU decide if want to accept or decline.

  • Step 4 - Property goes to legal completion

    Once you have accepted an offer that you are happy with the property needs to go into legal completion meaning that a conveyancing lawyer of your choice will need to finish off all the legal details of transferring a property to one investor to another.

If you have any questions then just get in contact, we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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How will we Sell Your Property for its Maximum Sale Value? ​

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